What is this blog about?

Many people are paying needlessly for their (or a loved one’s) care in a nursing home.
It is not necessarily the case that this care (c.£600 – 900 per week) must be funded privately  or that families should have to apply for means-tested local authority support.
They may be eligible for 100% funding from the NHS, if the individual has a primary health need. However, families are not always made aware of this entitlement …..

This blog is a set of extracts from the National Framework for Continuing Health Care (2013), and the associated resources. It is provided as a reference point for finding the precise paragraphs that you may need to quote when checking that your application for CHC Funding has been dealt with fairly and legally.

A special message: If you are following this blog because you have just embarked on the process of applying for CHC Funding for yourself or a loved one, we wish you every good luck and the strength to carry on until you have been granted the funding – if you are truly eligible, of course – or the process of appeals and reviews has been exhausted. Chin up!

Some advice: take the time to familiarise yourself with what the National Framework actually says, and trust absolutely the assurances of no one who has any paid connection with the NHS or carehomes (even the friendliest, kindest and most lovely of people*). Even if everything seems to be going well write down everything that happens with dates and names of those involved, and finally, as well as seeking how to do the best for your loved one, think about how you can look after yourself in the days and weeks to come ….

* Why should I not put 100% trust in anyone’s assurances?
Because there are some things which are irreconcilable, such as
a) providing enough funding for everyone who is entitled to it
b) having a budget which is less than the funding needed.
It is undeniably the case that those involved in supporting your application for CHC funding or deciding on the outcome will have to make very difficult choices, sometimes impossible choices. NHS and carehome staff are invariably caring, hard-working people. They don’t want to wrong you, they WANT to help you if they can – but ultimately, in some cases, when there is not enough money to go round, it will be a choice of YOU or THEM going down the pan ….. and which will YOU choose?



One Response to What is this blog about?

  1. Graeme Hicks says:

    I was successful in achieving CHC funding for my mother and an aunt. The problem in Cornwall is that they disregard the lawful process. A multidisciplinary team consisting of only one nurse assessor often makes a recommendation to the board. Case Co-ordinators are never appointed, neither are advocate support services. I discovered that in flagrant disregard of the Standing regulations there was no dispute resolution procedure in place between the local authority and the CCG should social services and health professionals not reach a agreement on an individuals health needs. This is particularly concerning when considering the relavent court of appeal judgement such as the Coughlan Case. Indeed Social Workers rarely attend DST assessment in Cornwall. According to a nurse assessor a social worker from the LA only attended 1 of the 9 recent DST assessments she had carried out and that was only by chance because a social worker happened to be present in the hospital This means that most assessment certainly undertaken in Cornwall are unlawful and therefore without a shadow of doubt many people have unlawfully had their assets seized illegally. They also do not carry out the lawful duty to give due consideration to the Coughlan Court of Appeal Judgement. This is only a brief description of the flagrant disregard of the law and the prescribed policies within the National Framewwork for NHS Continuing healthcare and NHS funded Nursing Care revised November 2012. It is not an understatement to suggest that total disregard is given to this document and the Standing regulations agreed by parliament in December 2012. It is a corrupt scandalous disgrace that some of the most vulnerable people in our society are treated in this manner. These public authorities are signed up to the Safeguarding agenda which is supposed to protect Vulnerable elderly people from abuse including financial abuse. What a complete joke this is.

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