What does my local NHS website say about CHC Funding?

That will depend entirely on your local circumstances, and how keen your CCG is to publicise the process of application or the provision that is available. Most CCGs do offer useful information on their website (Hurrah!), and I am happy to list a selection below. However, not all CCGs comply with this good practice ….. (Boo!)

Q. Does the CCG have a statutory requirement to publish any information online? A. No. There is no legal requirement to provide information online.
In contrast, schools are obliged by law to provide certain information on their website, so that parents and others are able to access it. This includes details of the school’s results, a link to the most recent Ofsted report, how the school has used particular funding and their policy on supporting children with special educational needs. However, unfortunately, there is no legal requirement for a CCG to publish any information about CHC Funding on its website, although they are meant to provide families with a leaflet* of information, and the National Framework Practice Guidance suggests that the local website might be one way of publicising this.

In my opinion, every CCG site should, as a minimum, give a link to the Gov.UK page of information, from where the key documents can be accessed, as well as  details of who to contact locally if you have concerns or queries. A statement that explains how CHC Funding can be awarded would be useful, in addition to the NHS downloadable leaflet. Any CCG that does not have a page of information already on their website could easily copy content from any of the sites listed below, or use this one as a template.

So which CCGs do publish useful information and links, on a page that can be readily located on their websites?
(If I have left out your own CCG, or have missed finding the relevant page of information on one of the Hmms or Nothings, please leave  a comment and I will update the list)



NOTHING AT ALL, or if it is there, I haven’t been able to find it by searching their pages, either manually or with the search function.

…. (none at present in this set)

* The Practice Guidance notes refer to this leaflet: NHS  continuing  healthcare  and  NHS-funded nursing care.
Q. PG 77 What  information  is  available   to  give  to  members   of  the  public   about  NHS continuing healthcare?

A. 77.1   A  public  information  leaflet 42,  entitled  ‘NHS  continuing  healthcare  and  NHS-funded nursing care’ is available.  CCGs should make these available to members of the public, for  example  through  local  NHS  websites,  hard  copies  on  hospital  wards,  through primary care outlets, local care homes and local voluntary sector organisations. Any individual being considered for NHS continuing healthcare at the Checklist stage should be given a copy of the leaflet along with any relevant local information about processes and contact arrangements.

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