National Framework

The National Framework for NHS continuing healthcare and NHS funded nursing care (2013) sets out the principles and processes for determining eligibility for NHS funding – in many cases for the nursing care of elderly people. It is a statutory framework which must be followed by all Clinical Commissioning Groups. The associated tools (a checklist, decision support tool and fast track pathway tool), which are designed to help clinicians and practitioners with the decision making process, are also statutory documents.

Update: In March 2018, a revised Framework was published, which comes into effect in October 2018. It can be downloaded here: National_Framework_for_CHC_and_FNC_-_October_2018_Revised or accessed here:

NHS continuing healthcare is an ongoing package of health and social care that is arranged and funded solely by the NHS where an individual is found to have a ‘primary health need’. Such care is provided to an individual aged 18 or over, to meet needs that have arisen as a result of disability, accident or illness.


One Response to National Framework

  1. Carolyn allsop says:

    The chc framework is written in such an ambiguous manner it allows Ccg ‘s to wriggle if the hook continually thus keeping hold of vital moneis that should be paid out I feel we must get an electronic petition together to force tge government to readdress thus farcical process which costs millions in beauracratic banter in order reject the claim I have been fighting for my dear 94 year old mother for three years I have full supporting letters from 5 of her consultants all of whom fully support the application fir her primary health need the amount of met meetings dst forms and appeals have already cost THE TAXPAYERS in excess of £35,000 !! Disgraceful and then we are expected at the final hurdle for the board who reexamine the local Ccg process to overturn the decision it is outrageous they nearly always find in favour even tho you could wallpaper a hospital with apology letters from the Ccg ‘sorry process was not adhered to correctly’ ‘sorry we midplaced vital paperwork’ ‘sorry the nurse who did the initial assesment was
    Not trained to do so !’ The list is endless !! I have been told to see a judicial revie which will cost £8.000 k to get out local Ccg wirral into court I do not have the funds to do that and di the farce goes on my dear mum is back in hospital as I write this she is 84 gas vascular dementia/Altzheimers is an INSULIN DIABETIC with a whol host of other illnesses all as I say fully supported by her consultants the fight Continues es it appears people who are far less qualified to make the decision the gp and consultants are bemused themselves as thus is happening continually to their judgements thus us her 10th admission !! In 14 months apparently it is ok for her to live alone in her flat !!

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